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lat_connect - measure interprocess connection latency via TCP/IP


lat_connect -s

lat_connect [ -P <parallelism> ] [ -W <warmups> ] [ -N <repetitions> ] hostname

lat_connect -S hostname


lat_connect is a client/server program that measures interprocess connection latencies. The benchmark times the creation and connection of an AF_INET (aka TCP/IP) socket to a remote server. Care is take that the connection time does not include any other overhead, such as the gethostbyname() or remote port lookups since these add more overhead than the connection establishment itself.

lat_connect has three forms of usage: as a server (-s), as a client (lat_connect localhost), and as a shutdown (lat_connect -S localhost).


The reported time is in microseconds per connection. Output format is like so

TCP/IP connection cost to localhost: 1006 microseconds

See Also

lmbench(8) .


Carl Staelin and Larry McVoy

Comments, suggestions, and bug reports are always welcome.

Table of Contents