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lat_pipe - measure interprocess communication latency through pipes


lat_pipe [ -P <parallelism> ] [ -W <warmups> ] [ -N <repetitions> ]


lat_pipe uses two processes communicating through a Unix pipe to measure interprocess communication latencies. The benchmark passes a token back and forth between the two processes (this sort of benchmark is frequently referred to as a ‘‘hot potato’’ benchmark). No other work is done in the processes.


The reported time is in microseconds per round trip and includes the total time, i.e., the context switching overhead is includeded. Output format is like so

Pipe latency: 491 microseconds


Funding for the development of this tool was provided by Sun Microsystems Computer Corporation.

See Also

lmbench(8) .


Carl Staelin and Larry McVoy

Comments, suggestions, and bug reports are always welcome.

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